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steenbok n : small plains antelope of southeastern Africa [syn: steinbok, Raphicerus campestris]

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The Steenbok (Raphicerus campestris) is a common small antelope of southern and eastern Africa. It is also known as the "Steinbuck" or "Steinbok"; not to be confused with the Dutch-language "steenbok" which is an ibex.



Steenbok are typically solitary, except for when a pair come together to mate. However, it has been suggested
Breeding occurs throughout the year, although more fawns are born November to December in the southern spring–summer; some females may breed twice a year. Gestation period is about 170 days, and almost always there is a single precocious fawn. The fawn is kept hidden in vegetation for 2 weeks, but they suckle for 3 months. Females become sexually mature at 6–8 months and males at 9 months.
Steenbok are known to live for 7 years or more.


Two subspecies are recognized: R. c. campestris in Southern Africa and R. c. naumanni of East Africa. Up to 24 subspecies have been described from Southern Africa, distinguished on such features as coat colour.


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